Myths about homeopathy


Myths and homeopathy- A reality check.



  1. Homeopathy is a placebo medicine.


The system of Homeopathy medicine is in existence for more than 200 years. Now the first question that should come to a scientific mind is that is it possible for a placebo medicine to cure variety of acute as well as chronic diseases and exist as a system of medication for more than 200 years?

The answer for the above question is quite obvious that it is not a placebo.

Homeopathic medicines are scientifically proven on healthy human beings, with the help of many clinical trials and the data of proving is well recorded and available to any scientific mind for study.



  1. Homeopathic medicines are very slow in their action.

Absolutely no.

In case of acute conditions such as infections, fever, diarrhea/food poisoning and so on, homeopathy is quite effective in a short time. But the chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, psoriasis, vitiligo, asthma, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, renal stones, chronic hepatitis/ jaundice, motor neuron diseases,  arthritis, rheumatism, chronic gastritis, chronic telogen effluvium/ hair fall etc. develop slowly and steadily inside the body. In these kind of chronic diseases, which have developed over the period of time the cure cannot be expected in short time.  Although, the relief from the complaints can be attained in short time. But for the cure purpose, we need to take homeopathic medicines for considerable time period.

In case of Medicines of modern science i.e. Allopathy one needs to take medicines lifelong for the chronic lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson etc.

So were all in this comparison one receives great benefit from the homeopathic medicines. But at the same time one needs to understand that homeopathy is not a magical medicine. Homeopathy is a mathematical science of medication and chronic diseases takes time to heal.

  1. Homeopathy helps only functional and psychological diseases.

For a period of 200 years, there are many scientific research studies that have been conducted regarding the efficacy of the homeopathic medicines.  With the use of these medicines a countless number of structural disease pathologies were brought to normalcy, and these studies as well as the cures of disease conditions have been well documented and preserved in the form of volumes and volumes of medical literature, which can be referred by anybody and everybody to gain the knowledge as well as to nullify the Myth.

Homeopathy, as a branch of medicine treats each and every type of ailment/ disease, whether it is functional, psychological or structural.

  1. Homeopathy does not have any scientific background.

Homeopathic medical science is completely based on universally accepted scientific laws.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann himself was an allopathic doctor, before he invented Homeopathic Medical Science. He was a scientist of high order. While he was treating patients with allopathic/ conventional mode of medication, he observed that once treated the same patient come for the treatment of same ailment after few days or few months and that was not acceptable for his scientific mind. He was not able to declare that the patient was cured; rather he thought he is palliating patient’s symptoms from time to time but not curing them. After that he started researching for the curative ways in medicine till he reached Homeopathic Medical science.

  1. Homeopathic medicines contain steroids.

Absolutely not.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from all the Natural sources and it does not contain any steroid in it. The very simple test is when you taste a steroid it is bitter while Homeopathic medicines are sweet in taste.

  1. One cannot use Homeopathic medicines for diabetes as they are sweet.

The globules which are used as vehicle for the medicine in homeopathy, is made up of sacrum lactis/sac. lac.m, which is lactose; so it tastes sweet.  But does not increase sugar level in the blood.

Second important thing is that hardly 3-4 small globules are prescribed as a dose for one time, so there is no any question of increasing the blood glucose level/ blood sugar level. Rather it is a fact that with the help of these small sweet pills homeopathy, the blood glucose level/ diabetes/ hyperglycemia is a brought to normal and all the long-term effects of diabetes/ hyperglycemia on the body such as diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, and end stage renal disease can be avoided completely.

  1. Homeopathic medicines cannot beat antibiotics or allopathic medicines in general.

Kindly understand, the question of beating antibiotics or allopathic medicines or for that matter any other medicines does not arise.

There are many systems of medication to treat the diseases of mankind. Every system of medicine has certain logics and their own philosophies and their own ways to treat the diseases and nobody is wrong. Every system of medication has their pros and cons.

As far as the homeopathy is concerned, it cures the patient gently without leaving any residual effects/ medicinal effects/ side effects in the patient.


  1. Homeopathy cannot help in surgical cases such as piles, warts, lipoma, polyps, adenoids, kidney stones, fibroids and so on.

In medical science, surgery is the last option of treatment for any kind of disease. May it be surgery of any kind of disease or any kind of swellings as they can be called in general, with the help of surgery only the end result of process is removed; while the tendency to form that disease remains in the body and the cure is not long-lasting. The tendency is not removed, and to remove these tendencies homeopathic medicines are quite effective. The results are long-lasting with homeopathy.

  1. Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken along with allopathic/ Ayurvedic/ naturopathic medicines.

Every medicine has their own way of action. As homeopathic medicines are energy medicines they work at the energy plane of the body. They do not interfere with conventional or any other medicine. Most of the times, when they are taken along with any other system of medication; they work complementary to other medicines. Most of the times patients stop their allopathic medications abruptly once they start taking homeopathic medicines, which is not the right way to deal with the medicines. A doctor is a right person to decide whether any particular medicine is to be started or to be stopped. So, even if the patient sees overall improvement after starting the homeopathic medication; he should consult his doctor in regards to dealing with the allopathic medication and let the doctor decide about the medicinal part.