1. How homeopathy works?


As per homeopathic medical science every human is a combination of his physical body/plane, mental plane, intellectual plane, emotional plane and spiritual plane, which is held together and animated by an universal energy called as vital force/ vital energy/ vital principle.

As per the laws of the homeopathic medical science, the state of human, where these 5 planes along with the vital energy animating them is harmonious to one another is healthy state of human being.  Whenever this vital energy is disturbed by any internal or external factors it leads to dis- harmony of the healthy state which is called as diseased state of human being.

This particular diseased state reflects itself in the form of the signs and symptoms. Based on the law of similia similibus curenter,  that is ” like cures like”, homeopathic medicine which can remove that disease condition is administered to the patient. This medicine potentiates the immune mechanism of the patient and which in turn fights against the disease and achieves the cure.


  1. While on homeopathy treatment will there be too many restrictions on food?

Avoiding raw onion, raw garlic, coffee, lot of tea, perfumes and so on has become a tradition over the period of time for a person who is under homeopathic treatment. Many of the times, even well known homeopaths from all over the world put these restrictions on the patient for the fear of medicine getting antidoted.

Now the question is as homeopathic medicines are energy medicines, is it possible that an energy will get antidoted  because of the substances in crude form?

Absolutely no.

There is not a single substance in the whole universe which cannot be used as a medicine, if it is prepared on the basis of scientific laws and given to the person/ patient who needs it.  Each and every substance in the universe has its own Aroma and medicinal properties. Every food item that humans have has Aroma as well as medicinal properties, but we have to remember over here that they are existing in crude form; whereas the medicines are prepared from the same food items but they are in potentised/ energized form.  So the medicines cannot be antidoted by garlic, onion and coffee.

In homeopathy,  we prepare Avena Sativa from garlic, Allium Cepa from onion and Coffea Cruda/tosta  from Coffee, Which are well known homeopathic medicines.


  1. Can homeopathic medicines be taken in during the pregnancy?

Morning sickness, hyperacidity/ heartburn, constipation, backache, anemia, emotional distress etc., are few of the common complaints causing discomfort in during pregnancy.

Conventional medicine possibly have side effects on both mother as well as child, but homeopathy don’t have any side effects on the mother or child health. So, rather homeopathic medicines are safer to take in during pregnancy.

  1. Can homeopathy medicines be taken during breastfeeding?

Yes it can be.  They are natural medicines without any adverse effects in the patients and can be taken by any patient.

  1. Can homeopathic medicine be given to nursing kid?

Yes it can be taken worldwide without any discrimination on the basis of age or sex.

Rather it is more secure to give it to children, as there are no toxic side effects.

  1. Do homeopaths give same medicine for every disease?

Most of the times, the homeopathic medicines are prescribed in the form of small tiny white globules which definitely look the same, but it is not the globule which is the medicine; it is the liquid medicine that is sprinkled on the globules.  Globules simply work as a vehicle for the medicine. So, the medicines for every disease is different, not the same.

  1. Do I have to take homeopathic medicines lifelong?

Most of the times are medicines which are prescribed for the lifestyle diseases or chronic diseases in case of conventional medication; it has to be taken life-long for the suppression of the disease.

The homeopathic medicines should be continued till you get completely cured, but it is never a life-long medicine. In homeopathic medical science, as per the rule even after cure if one keeps on taking the medicine; it will start proving.  So, it is absolutely not recommended to continue any homeopathic medicine life-long. Once your doctor declares you as a cured patient, he always advises discontinuation of the medicine.

The only exception to this rule is incurable disease.  In case of incurable diseases, one has to keep on taking homeopathic medicines on and off as per the guidelines of homeopathic physician; but never on regular basis and life-long.


  1. Why this long questionnaire has to be answered in homeopathic case taking?


Homeopathy believes existence of every human being on different planes with the vital energy and health is considered to be harmonious play of all these Planes along with vital energy.  The disease is considered as dis- harmony of these planes with vital energy.

The detailed questionnaire regarding the signs and symptoms of the disease is to find out where exactly the disease started manifesting itself.  Out of the 5 planes of existence which plane got affected first and how it disorganized all the other planes of existence to understand this the detailed questionnaire is a required.

The detailed case history provides a physician to take note of the exact problem, that to be removed in an individual patient.

  1. What are the disease conditions that can be treated with homeopathic medicines?

From the most common acute disease condition such as common cold to the most chronic disease condition such as cancer can be dealt very well with homeopathy.

All the types of lifestyle diseases, psychological diseases, acute diseases, chronic diseases can be dealt with homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicines are also most efficient for the palliative purpose, in case of incurable diseases.

  1. Does homeopathy work in surgical cases?

In many of the cases, homeopathic medicines have worked as a surgeon’s knife in removing the disease conditions. But not every case which is the recommended for the surgery can be cure by homeopathic medicines.  The homeopathic physician guides every individual patient regarding the scope of homeopathic medicines in their individual cases.


  1. Homeopathic medicines increase symptoms initially.

In Homeopathic medical science there is a term known as “Homeopathic aggravation”, under the influence of which the symptoms appear to be intensified but the sufferings starts going down. So, under any circumstance homeopathy does not increase the sufferings.

  1. While under homeopathic treatment do we need to have investigations such as blood work, X rays, CT scans?


Just like other systems of medication, homeopathy also needs to evaluate the patient on the basis of different investigations as per the need.

Even though homeopathy is completely based on principle of vital energy and the diseases affecting the vital energy, once the disturbed vital energy reflects symptoms on the physical part of the body, which can be easily evaluated with the help of different investigations and the physician can come to know about the changes going on internally.


  1. Why don’t homeopathic doctors share the name of the medicine with patients.

Most of the times patients them self tries to simplify the logic behind the medicinal usage. Once they know the name of the medicine, which relieves them from a particular set of symptoms, they use the same medicine after occurrence of the similar type of the symptoms to them which is also called as self medication. Self medication is potentially dangerous way to treat any disease/ ailment.  Many diseases produces similar set of symptoms and definitely even though they are producing similar set of symptoms, they do require different medicines to treat them, as patient is not well trained person in medical science, he/she will not be able to understand this for sure and he will repeat the same medicine which they used prior for the similar set of symptoms; which in turn will be dangerous for health. This is the only reason for not sharing the name of the medicines with the patient.

But still if patient wants to know, doctors do share the name of the medicines. But it is our advice to every single patient all over that be kind to your own self and don’t self medicate to avoid medicinal side effects.