Concept of Disease

What is disease?

Before understanding the concept of the disease, we need to understand the concept of human being who gets diseased; because unless and until we properly understand what a human being is? We will not be able to understand what a disease means.

Concept of Human Being

Now this is a real big topic over here and I will shed a little light upon it.

What is a human?

Is it just the corporeal existence along with mind?

Or  Is it the soul along with the body?

Or  is it the vital energy along with the body?

Or  is it the intellect along with the body?

Or  is it the spiritual being along with body?

What it is?

Human being is a very complex entity.

Every single human being is having multiple existences on the different planes of the life. To make it easy to understand, every human being has its existence on spiritual plane, intellectual plane, emotional plane,  mental plane and physical plane. The expression of the existence on each and every plane is different for everybody. The harmonious play of the existence on these different planes is kept by an all-pervading energy of the universe called as a vital energy. Till the time, the harmony is maintained one feels healthy and happy.

Whenever the vital energy of a human being is a disturbed out of any reason, the harmony of existence of human being gets disturbed and it starts producing different psychosomatic signs/symptoms; which is called as  sickness/ disease.  By whatever name the disease  is called by the medical science, this is the basic logic of human health and diseases affecting humans.

“This is the CORE concept”.