“Homeopathy for Cannabis Dependance”


Cannabis dependence

Even though the person knows that the use of Cannabis will lead to many problems to his health and to his social life and want to quit Cannabis but is not able to do so, is known as Cannabis dependence.

Use of cannabis leads to an altered state of mind for some time that is the reason why people prefer it as they feel ecstatic with its use and over the period of they become addicted to Cannabis. It becomes a major part of their life and because of this, they miss on many important activities of their life.

Since last few decades, there is an enormous increase in the worldwide population who consumes Cannabis and it has become an international issue. Cannabis is a most popular illicit substance that is used by the majority of the population worldwide.

Highlights of Cannabis dependence

  • Tremendous anxiety.
  • Irritability and restlessness physical as well as mental.
  • Depressive disorder.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.
  • The patient remains absorbed.
  • Sleep pattern is totally disturbed.
  • Performing simple tasks takes a lot of time.
  • Many psychological issues such as personality disorder are associated with the use of cannabis.
  • A prolonged use of Cannabis even leads to pharmacodynamic as well as pharmacokinetic changes in the body.

Homeopathy for Cannabis dependence

Homeopathy as wonderful remedies to deal with the effects that are caused by Cannabis over the body. These medicines are even useful to counter the desire of Cannabis use.

Arsenic album

  • A very long-standing use of Cannabis can be dealt with this remedy very well.
  • Patient has an asthmatic form of breathing.
  • The skin is hyperpigmented and the patient is lean, thin and emaciated.
  • They mostly suffer from a chronic cough which is worse at the Midnight.
  • Very fastidious patients and intellectually very keen.

Cannabis Indica

  • This is nearly a specific remedy for the psychological disorders which originates from the use of Cannabis.
  • They have no sense of time and space.
  • They are absorbed in their own self.
  • Even when given as a specific remedy it takes away few of the prominent symptoms of the Cannabis dependence.


  • Depressed patients.
  • Lack of vital heat is the main reason for the use of cannabis in these patients.
  • They are highly irritable.
  • Always want to escape from the situations and their household duties.

Nux vomica

  • This particular homeopathic remedy is well known for its effect of taking away that side effects of any substance that is misused.
  • Especially indicated when the digestive system is involved.
  • The patient is very fastidious and workaholic.
  • They compromise sleep for work.

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