“Homeopathy for Alzheimer’s Disease”



Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is chronic neurodegenerative disease, mostly affecting the old age and most prevalent causes of dementia till date.

Alzheimer’s disease usually has an insidious onset and progressive course of action. Short term memory is mostly the first symptom encountered, when this disorder starts affecting any individual. The memory of the patient declines over the period of time. As the forgetfulness goes on increasing the patient starts facing different issues like disorientation regarding time and place, language problems, un-managed self-care, irritability, different behavioral problems, emotional problems and so on. The speed of progression of Alzheimer’s varies in different patients. Most part of which depends on caregiver of the patient. Smoking is strongly linked to dementia.

Highlights of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Progressive neurodegenerative disorder.
  • Create a lot of burden on the caregiver.
  • The patient becomes dependent over the period of time.
  • Initial symptoms are confused for aging.
  • Failure to learn new things.
  • Apathy and Indifference are strongly appreciated.
  • Executive functions are compromised.
  • Depression.
  • Vocabulary is lost.
  • Frequently uses incorrect words for substitution which is called as paraphasia.
  • You are to recognize close relatives.
  • Illusions, delusions and hallucinations becomes common.
  • Urinary incontinence, pressure ulcers, fatigue may develop.
  • In advanced stages, the patient becomes completely dependent on a caregiver, extreme Indifference to everything, muscle mass deteriorate, complete loss of speech.

Homeopathy for Alzheimer’s disease

As per the modern medical science, Alzheimer’s is not a curable disease and even the progress is not stoppable. The symptoms can be improved for time being.

As per Homeopathic medical science, though it is not a curable disease it can be treated homeopathically without much of the side effects and these medicines can help symptomatically to a great extent.

Nux Moschata

  • Very changeable mind.
  • Memory loss leads to irritability which leads to crying aloud.
  • The patient is confused and has a funny sensation of having two heads.
  • Absent minded with indifference to everything.
  • Very strong desire to sleep is Hallmark of this remedy with dementia.

Kali phos

  • Patients are anemic with nervous exhaustion.
  • Very anxious and indisposed to meet peoples.
  • Loss of memory with brain fag and somnambulism.
  • A dynamic state of nervous system.

Cocculus indicus

  • Patient feels heavy and stupid.
  • Sense of time is impaired, feels as if time is passing too quickly.
  • What is slow in comprehension fields mind is benumbed.
  • Irresistible desire to sing is the Hallmark symptom of this remedy.

Conium maculatum

  • Patient has aversion to society and at the same time is afraid of being alone.
  • Depression with complete Indifference to any business or any work.
  • Memory is very weak and patient is not able to sustain any mental effort.


  • Indecisive patient.
  • Indifference to work.
  • Very timid.
  • Weak memory.
  • Music makes the patient weep which is the Hallmark symptom of this remedy.

Cannabis Indica

  • Time and distance sense is impaired.
  • the patient with different illusions, hallucinations, and delusions.
  • Very talkative.
  • Patient has a constant fear of becoming insane.
  • Very forgetful forgets the sentence while he is speaking.
  • Uncontrollable laughter.
  • Forgets own identity.

Plumbum metallicum

  • Melancholic patient.
  • Very slow in perception.
  • Complete loss of memory, amnesic aphasia.
  • Intellectual Apathy.
  • Paretic dementia.

Baryta carb

  • Loss of memory with mental weakness.
  • Complete loss of self-confidence.
  • Dependent patient.
  • A Very good remedy in senile dementia.
  • This is a remedy for advanced cases of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The patient is childish, bashful and doesn’t like strangers.

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