“Homeopathy for Agoraphobia”



The human being is generally called as a social animal in scientific language. But when a person suffers from agoraphobia, somehow the person avoids all kind of social appearances.

Agoraphobia literally means an anxiety disorder characterized by the overwhelming anxiety of the suffering person who perceives his environment to be unsafe whenever he is in such a place where he cannot easily get away or the situations which are out of his control. This particular disease or disorder is a quite complex occurrence for every human being when it is not treated properly with the help of medication as it takes away his identity of being a social animal i.e. human.

All the psychological disorders are separated with a very fine line, so many of the symptoms of different disorders appear to be the same.

Mostly, the appearance of agoraphobia in any patient is generally followed by some kind of highly stressful event in his life or some kind of attack on them triggers this particular disorder. Once triggered, this disorder rarely heals by itself. It always requires medical intervention to get cured of this disorder. Adolescent age group is mostly affected by this disorder.

Agoraphobia keeps an individual limited to his own house only, as they avoid all the public places, open Space, and even close places. They don’t go out of their house alone. They are very much scared peoples. Most of the times these are the patients who suffer profoundly from the panic attacks.overall, their life becomes Limited to certain places and to certain people only.

Highlights of agoraphobia

  • Profound anxiety.
  • A strong perception of loss of control or is having very little control over the situations.
  • The panic attack triggered by Open Spaces, crowds, traveling to unknown places, going out alone, public appearances and stressful situations which are not under patient’s control.
  • Sometimes they refuse to leave their home even in the case of medical emergencies.
  • The avoid certain places.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder also can lead to agoraphobia.
  • These patients also sometimes develop separation anxiety disorder which is very common.
  • Substance abuse is found to be common in these patients.
  • Nausea, palpitations, headaches, chest pain, feeling faint or dizzy, strong fear of death are common occurrences when are agoraphobic patient is exposed to the exciting causes.

Homeopathy for agoraphobia


  • The patient suffers from breathing discomfort and palpitations when he goes to any unknown places.
  • The patient doesn’t want to go anywhere except his house.
  • Agoraphobia as the outcome of post-traumatic stress disorder can be dealt with this medicine very well.
  • The patient don’t want to be touched is a very strong symptoms of this remedy in agoraphobia.


  • They avoid social gatherings as far as possible.
  • They found to be dominating at home but when they are in a crowd they are very uncomfortable. they will go to the restroom quite frequently.
  • They cry very easily when you sympathize with them.
  • They always want other peoples to understand them.


  • They are very scared of injury emotional or physical by the surrounding.
  • They cry very easily, where is sensitive people’s.
  • Scared of being alone.

Calcarea carb

  • Very slow and lazy patients.
  • They always have a sense that somebody me notice their confusion so they avoid social appearances.
  • lowered vitality and self confidence.
  • Don’t want to work want to just sit ideal.
  • Generalised body ache.


  • Want of mental support always.
  • Very hardworking patients but want them said to be confined to home only.
  • Grade of public appearances.

Kali phos

  • Generalized weakness of nervous system.
  • Very anxious and totally indisposed to meet peoples.
  • They are very hysterical and startles very easily.
  • Sometimes they are very shy.

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