“Homeopathy for Autism Spectrum Disorder”


Autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental lifelong disability which affects the patient’s perception and the way of interaction with others. It typically develops in early childhood and is Defined by a certain set of behavioral patterns affecting the individual differently.

The signs and symptoms of Autism spectrum disorder develop gradually. Sometimes it happens that child reaches their developmental milestones normally and then they regress. Autism spectrum disorders are found to alter the information processing in the brain. This disorder is quite variable in showing the Symptoms and Signs. The children’s are sometimes found to be impaired in certain qualities but at the same time, they are found superior in some other qualities of beings.

Impaired social interaction, impaired communication, indifference and repetitive behavior with a typical eating habit is quite prominent in diagnosing autism spectrum disorder. They don’t understand much about social communication, they are less responsive to it. Children’s mostly have delayed onset of babbling, making unusual gestures, poor attention, they are involved with repetitive behaviors in many ways sometimes even compulsive behavior.

Ask what the modern science genetic mutation, as well as certain infections such as rubella and teratogens, are co considered as most prominent probable causative factors. The Other probable causative factors such as exposure suit different types of pollutions in during pregnancy, different infections, alcohol, smoking use of illicit drugs, are also considered.

The most important problem related to Autism spectrum disorder is that they are mostly dependent in many ways on the other peoples.

Highlights of autism spectrum disorder

  • Repetitive use of language or motor mannerism.
  • Avoidance of eye contact.
  • Indifference to social interactions.
  • Lack of spontaneity.
  • Delay or lack of spoken language.
  • Lack of mannerism.
  • Lack of ability to use simple movements to express themselves.
  • Failure to respond to emotions but they develop attachments to their primary caregivers.
  • Sometimes they are aggressive and violent in Association with intellectual disability.
  • Sometimes throwing tantrums.
  • Not able to share their own experiences, they simply repeat the words of others.
  • Repeating movements such as Head rolling, hand flapping and so on.
  • They are strongly resistant to change.
  • Their interests restricted in a sense they are focused on preoccupied with the single thing, a single subject.
  • Sometimes they are involved in behaviors which are injurious to them such as banking head, biting own body parts and so on.
  • Sensory abnormality.

Homeopathy for autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a challenge for the medical science. The different developmental phases and milestones are very important for every individual. Homeopathic medical science considers and treats every individual as a different case as per patients physical, mental, and emotional plane. While treating autism spectrum disorder it is very important for every homeopath to assess the case information or overall health status of the parents physically as well as mentally in during the pregnancy which will help in prescribing the curator medicine for the patient.

Baryta Carb.

  • The patients are mentally backward and dwarfish.
  • They are very sensitive to cold.
  • They have a strong aversion to strangers.
  • They are bashful.
  • Repetitive behavior in the form of throwing stones at the strangers.


  • This can be useful in grown up autistic person.
  • Cannot bear solitude and darkness, must have a company and light.
  • Sometimes become violent.
  • Stammering while speaking.


  • No consciousness of self-existence.
  • Makes mistakes in writing and speaking.
  • Uses wrong words.
  • On seeing sharp instruments becomes impulsive.

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