“Homeopathy for Borderline Personality Disorder”



Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder is a very serious mental condition which presents itself in the form of instability in moods, behavior, self-image and overall functioning of the person. As the name itself suggests, this particular disorder is borderline which means it is not a complete disease condition and at the same time it is not a completely healthy state as well. The People’s suffering with this condition has a very unstable mood. Their actions are quite impulsive and destructive.

Emotionally they are very unstable and their feelings are very intense. They have very intense episodes of anxiety, depression or anger. They have a very intense whimsical attitude. The three instabilities are very prominent in this patients i.e. Emotional instability, behavioral instability and interpersonal instability.

The reaction of these people is just like traveling through Hills and valleys on a regular basis. Sometimes you find these peoples to be very dependent and the other moment you will find them raged and rejecting. Sometimes one might feel they have many personalities in them. They hold onto a persona to carry out the task in during the day and once the task is finished, they feel as if they have lost it they get depleted and exhausted of the energy. What appears outside is quite less but the internal damage is quite more. This disorder eats the person from within.

The breaking of the relationships is catastrophic for them. They cannot overcome that, self-blaming is very prominent.

Highlights of borderline personality disorder

  • Extreme mood swings.
  • Frantic effort to avoid real or imaginary abandonment.
  • A pattern of intense and unstable relationships with loved one’s, family and friends.
  • Unstable sense of own self.
  • Very impulsive and dangerous behaviors.
  • Reckless driving, binge eating, substance abuse, alcohol dependence.
  • Suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior.
  • Feeling of Emptiness or hollowness.
  • Very indifferent to the surrounding, to the self and losing touch with reality.
  • Feeling emotions intensely and in Raw form.
  • Loses control very easily.
  • Very sensitive to rejection contradiction or criticism and a reacts intensely.
  • Get paranoid when stressed.
  • Unsure about morals and values of his own.
  • When they get into relationships, their bonds are too Deep.
  • Feeling of victimization is very strong.

Homeopathy for borderline personality disorder

As per the modern science, medicines are not of much use in treating borderline personality disorder. In homeopathy, we have certain medicines which exhibited symptoms of borderline personality disorder in during their provings. While treating this ailment, we have to remember one more thing that episodes of anger, depression and so on in borderline personality disorder may be caused by the overlapping miasmatic layers. So, in during the treatment of one single patient, we may need to treat the same patient with the utilization of different medicine for different phases of the episodes for the removal of different layers of miasm and to effect the cure. Following are a few of the medicines which can be used along with the cognitive behavioral therapy ending with the borderline personality disorder:


  • The patient is hysterical.
  • Sometimes very indifferent to the surrounding as well as to the self.
  • Once gets angry behaves like a mad man.



  • This is a useful remedy in during the acute attacks of anger.
  • Sudden and violent reactions.
  • Get excited very easily, reacts very fast.
  • He is furious during anger and sometimes hits people around him.
  • Sometimes uses very foul language.

Hepar sulph.

  • Very impulsive patient.
  • Emotionally over sensitive and highly irritable.
  • Loses control easily, cannot take contradiction.
  • Suicidal ideation with a lot of anxiety without any reason.
  • An impulse to do violence and destruction.

Aurum metallicum

  • Borderline personality disorder of longstanding.
  • Frequently go into depression.
  • Constantly dwelling on suicide.
  • Self-condemnation is quite prominent.
  • Very restless and irritable, feel as if he is unwanted and so does not want to live.


  • The uncivil patient gets angry at least trifles.
  • Counseling helps to a great extent but needs it on a frequent basis.
  • Intolerant of anything and everything, get episodes of anger very frequently.
  • Very impatient and unpredictable.

Crocus sativus

  • Frequent and extreme changes in mood.
  • Gets angry and violent and immediately repent about it.
  • Hallucination as a something is moving inside the body is very Peculiar of this remedy.


  • Anxious and depressed.
  • Sudden impulse is to do some violence.
  • He gets the impulse to kill without any reason.
  • Reactions are quite fast and very much Hurried about everything.
  • Mentally feels exhausted but at the same time feels the compulsion to work.


  • A Very prominent remedy for borderline personality disorder.
  • Loss of control over self.
  • Impulses to kill, very jealous and suspicious.
  • Inability to think or act.
  • Very useful in the people getting episodes of anger on waking in the morning.

Nux vomica, Lilium tig. sepia, a few of the Other remedies that can be used for treating borderline personality disorder.

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