“Homeopathy for Dyslexia”




Dyslexia is a learning disorder, which is widely present and at the same time understood very well nowadays.

Most of the times, dyslexia is present in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This disease is surrounded by many myths. Before treating dyslexia, one needs to understand dyslexia in a proper way. This disease has nothing to do with the intelligence of the person. The core mechanism of dyslexia is the problem within the brain’s language processing, and reading is the problem for them. They swell to decipher that sounds that are made different words which lead to the trouble with writing, speaking, spellings as well as numbers.

The children’s suffering with dyslexia do have normal intelligence even sometimes there are more intelligent than the normal kids but they are not able to present themselves because of their inability regarding phonation and reading. We find them struggling with simple reading materials and most of the time we feel that the child is lazy. The children’s get frustrated when they see their peers achieving more than them and they cannot compete properly because of their dyslexia.

Highlights of dyslexia

  • Delayed milestones.
  • Trouble learning basic alphabets, colors and numbers.
  • A problem with fine motor skills.
  • Confusion with Similar sounding letters.
  • Trouble understanding phonation of the letters.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • The problem with schooling.
  • Sometimes they appear dumb, which they are not.
  • A problem with numbers, remembering or writing them.
  • A difficulty with direction.
  • Easily distracted or absorbed.
  • A problem with rhyming words.

In adulthood,


  • The trouble with Summarising stories.
  • The trouble with Memorizing facts.
  • The problem with learning foreign languages.
  • Reading slowly.

Homeopathy for dyslexia


  • These patients have a problem with mathematics.
  • They have stage fear, they feel they may get confused on the stage.
  • Very hard working.
  • Keep on studying to improve self.
  • Fear of needles.

Calcarea carb.

  • Lazy patients but intellectually keen.
  • Gets tired easily with little mental work.
  • Read and write very slowly.
  • Always has a feeling that somebody may notice their confusion.

Baryta carb.

  • Useful in severe cases of dyslexia.
  • Inattentive and forgetful.
  • Have to study again and again.
  • Delayed speaking.
  • Very poor handwriting.
  • Difficulty in remembering numbers.
  • Get angry very easily.


Calcarea phos

  • Delayed milestones.
  • The child appears scared, shy and insecure.
  • In during consultation tries to hide behind parents.
  • Love chocolates and Cadbury.

Tarentula hispanica

  • Very hyperactive child.
  • Loves dancing and painting.
  • Appears inattentive, do not complete homework.
  • Quite easily distracted during the study.
  • The handwriting looks like spikes.

Most of the time, the homeopathic remedies belonging to the mineral group gives very good result is dyslexia cases.

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